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A large number of our clients are not a new business looking for a website, but existing businesses looking to upgrade to a site that is not only more current, but something that they are able to update themselves. Using a Content Management System like Joomla is what allows our clients to update their own site and stay current with specials, prices, newsletters etc. While full-coded websites derived from Dreamweaver were once dominant, they lacked customers the ability to update their site, unless all of the files of the website were transferred...


Things you must know before building your website.

With an array of inexpensive do-it-yourself options, there is room for a lot of questions and confusion when hiring a web designer for your business. Do you try to do it yourself? If so, how do you know you have done a good job. If I were to hire a company to design my website, how do I know how much I should spend or how in depth should my site be? All of these questions are answered...



We offer small businesses and community's affordable, fast and versatile Web Design Services.  We have a strong focus in SEO for all of our sites and customers.

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We have an extensive portfolio ranging from community sites, small businesses, directory sites and more.

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Choice Web Design has a focus on providing our customers with detailed customer service.  Have a question?  Contact us today!

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Welcome to Choice Web Design

Choice Web Design is a small business, that helps other small businesses with web design, web presence and general SEO.  We work hand in hand with company owners and web masters to have a better understanding of how to break into a particular market on the internet.  The day of the phone book and classified ads has gone.  The day of Search Engines and online directories is here.

In today's market and industry, you either evolve your company to the changing times, or you will be left behind.  Let Choice Web Design show you how.

What makes Choice Web Design Different?


Many of our customers come to us for these two very distinctive reasons:  Customer service and flexible web based sites.  People need answers and assistance in finding how to beat their competition, and play the game that is SEO.  Content Management Systems which are web based, allow our customers to update their own websites and have advanced functionality through packaged 3rd party extensions.

With Choice Web Design's flexible Web Based content management systems, we'll easily be able to implement the following:

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A flexible framework

Joomla! is the most powerful and diverse content management system there is.  Databases, Booking Systems, API's and more.
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New Social networking integration

Another key competent to building a business is keeping in touch with your network.
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Search engine optimization

We build every site with the industries best SEO.  We inform our clients on how to link build.
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Multiple user platform

Our web based content management systems allow you to have multiple users and admins on any given site.

Company Information

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Choice Web Design is a small businesses that consists of many freelance Web Designers.  Our office is located in San Diego, but our services extend nationwide.

Our focus is assessing small businesses competition in the way of site look and functionality and SEO.  We then build a website based around the information we have gathered.  Read more...

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